Monday, June 30, 2008

Brinley Lost Her First Tooth!

Brinley has had a couple of wiggly wobbly teeth on the bottom for several weeks. Today she was playing with her makeup and looking "lovely" when she asked me if she could go and play in the pool with her brothers. I told her that would be fine and thought to myself that the makeup would surely wash off in the pool. So, she and Bailey suited up and put on their floaties and jumped in. Just a few minutes later I heard Brice say, "I'm sorry, BinBin! I'm sorry!" His arm had bumped her chin. Then Keith yelled, "Her tooth is missing!" Her tooth had fallen out into the pool! Brinley was grinning and the boys decided it was their mission to recover the tooth.....the itty bitty tiny the pool! Talk about a needle in a haystack! They both started searching and in just a few minutes Brice popped up out of the water victoriously holding the missing tooth!

Here are some photos of BinBin's exciting day!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Check Out This Group!

I just want to help spread the word about the most awesome adoption related group.

This group is for families interested in adopting a WAITING CHILD (with some kind of special need or just on a waiting list due to age) from China. Note: This group is for prospective families at any phase of the adoption process, and also agency representatives.
This is a group where we discuss topics such as DISRUPTIONS, SCHOOL ISSUES, everyday life before, during and AFTER adoption. This is a list where we respect each other but we can debate about issues and still be friends when the day is done. This is a group that really is *ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN*. Please feel free to join this wonderful, awesome yahoo family.

I have been a member of this group since the beginning and you will not find a greater bunch of caring mamas and daddys on this planet! Come and join us no matter what stage of your sn adoption you are at! We'd just love to meet you!

Friday, June 20, 2008

More Surgery For Bin-Bin

Brinley & Bailey visited Dr. Giles today. Bailey is doing great! Brinley has to have another surgery. She will be having a z-plasty on July 1 and we will be at the hospital over night. She is excited about having this done because she knows that afterwards she can get her ears pierced. We have been putting this off because we knew that more surgery was coming soon but we weren't sure when and we didn't want her to have to take her ear rings out before surgery. We've promised her that just as soon as she is feeling better we will take her to get her ears pierced. She is so excited! :)

I found a drawing online of what Dr. G will be doing to Bin-Bin's palate. Please keep her in your prayers.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick Update!

We have been busy, busy ever since school got out. We went to Atlanta for several days and went to Six Flags, Stone Mountain and the zoo. I'll post photos of it all soon. While on vacation we found out that the company Marty works for is being bought by another company and that he may not have a job after December. YIKES! Please keep us in your prayers! We are worried but are confident that God will see us through!

I am trying to get my embroidery/monogram business really rolling just in case. It's been sort of a side thing until now and I was just trying to bring in enough for groceries or special treats. Now it's time to step up and give it all I've got! Please help me spread the word about The Monogrammed LadyBug! I am currently running everything through eBay to try and boost my sales and traffic.

Otherwise, we are all doing great! :)