Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congratulations Josh & Kit!

Our oldest son Josh and his sweetie Kit were married on September 28 in an outdoor ceremony. They chose a "Fall" theme and everything turned out so sweet. Josh's sister Kristen was the reception coordinator and she sang "When You Say Nothing" during the ceremony. Josh's dad was his bestman. His groomsmen were his best friend Reese, his brother Keith and Kit's cousin Ryan who was very proud to be wearing his ROTC uniform in the ceremony. (Josh and Kit were both very involved in the ROTC program during their high school years and thought it would be nice to have the ROTC represented during their ceremony.) Flower girls were Brinley and Bailey who looked absolutely darling and dropped the leaves from their baskets just as they had been instructed to do. They were so proud! Maid of Honor was Kit's best friend Amy, bridesmaids were Kit's cousins' Alesia and Beth (also proud to be wearing her ROTC uniform). Brice carried the rings during the ceremony and Josh decided that he was just too old to be called the "ring bearer" so he officially dubbed him "Lord of The Rings". Brice seemed to like this title much more!

It was a fun day for all of us! We were happy that Josh's father Steve and his step-mom Michelle could be at the ceremony. Josh was especially happy to see his younger brother Bradley there. Granny Mae and Boss were there to celebrate with the happy couple. Dee came to help us with the decorations and she was our official bow-maker. She makes the prettiest big bows! (Thank you, Mom!!!) Kristen's boyfriend Cameron managed to get leave from the Citadel to be with us.

We had so much fun getting to know Kit's family better. Her MaMaw and PaPaw were right in there with us working on the decorations and so were Kit's dad and her cousins. Kit's mom hurt her back and wasn't able to help as much as she would have liked to but she did as much as she could.

The happy couple decided they wanted a honeymoon that encompassed the mountains and the sea so they started off touring Charleston and ended up in the mountains of North Carolina.

Congratulations, Josh & Kit!!! We all love you very, very much and hope that you will have a lifetime of happiness together! :)

P.S. That's not champagne flowing in the fountain! It's Josh's favorite.....SWEET TEA!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Please Pray!

There is a family in China right now battling for their daughter's life. Please, please pray for her and for them. They have listed their specific prayer requests on their blog.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bailey Loves Hayley!!

Bailey always wants Hayley to hold her. It doesn't matter if we are at church or at the school for a function, at a football game......doesn't matter. Bailey sticks to Hayley like glue!

Fun On The Field

Brinley Loves Hayley!

This is Hayley and boy but she is one very much loved young lady! Brinley and Bailey absolutely love her to pieces!

Jie Jie & Her Girls

Jie Jie was able to be at the game to watch her favorite little cheerleaders!

Brinley Cheers

Brinley attended cheer camp last week at school and Thursday night she and her friends cheered during halftime at the football game.
She LOVED going to camp every day after school. Since Bailey is still not in school she couldn't attend but she was happy to wear her uniform to the game and cheer from the sidelines.