Thursday, February 25, 2010

Samantha :)

This is Kelly and her daughter Samantha.  While we were sleeping in our homes last night Kelly was meeting this precious child for the very first time.  Aren't they both beautiful???  Samantha made the scarf Kelly is wearing.

Can I get an AMEN?!?! about another AMEN???  
Kelly is in China to adopt TWO daughters!

She will be meeting Piper soon!  Check out her blog if you'd like to follow along!

Kelly's Blog

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mom's Turn

Yesterday was my turn for oral surgery.  Not my idea of how to spend a rainy Monday morning by any means. had to be done.  Yesterday I was pretty much in a codeine induced stupor to ward off the throbbing pain in my jaw.   Today is better.  The codeine makes me feel like my head weighs 50 lbs and I haven't even taken any today!  Just the lingering effects of yesterday.

Now I am piled up on our couch with a pretty ladybug comforter and Keith's laptop lookin' like I have a jawbreaker tucked away in my cheek.  Not a pretty sight, I guarantee!  (A jawbreaker would be good right now!  Marty and I have given up "sweets" for Lent.  M&Ms and Girl Scout cookies beckon to me!)

While confined to the couch for my own safety I've been checking out some of my favorite blogs like Whatever, Ni Hao YallThe Pioneer Woman and Bring The Rain.  I've found inspiration in each of these blogs today.  I'm thankful I've been given this time to sit and read and consider the writings of these women. Check them out.....plenty of inspiration to go around!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Day Off

The girls' mouths were still really sore today and they were pretty tired this morning.  However, by lunch time they were feeling pretty good.  We decided to make it a fun day! We were hoping JieJie would be able to go with us but she had to work.

First, we went to eat at one of their favorite places....Fazoli's! Bailey is still wearing her hospital bracelets because "they are cool".
Coloring.....she loves to color! She still has those beautiful long lashes.

Next we headed over to the mall to have their ears pierced. They've been talking about it for months but always decide not to do it. Today was the day.  They both now have pretty pink sparkly earrings.
Brinley the Brave jumped in the chair and said, "Me first!".

Bailey was up next.  It took quite a bit of convincing but she finally gathered up the courage to do it and she is so proud!

No trip to the mall is complete without a ride on the carousel!

Our next stop was the movie theater where we saw "The Princess and the Frog". Cute movie!

  On the way home we picked up some CiCi's Pizza and stopped at the pond for a pizza picnic with Daddy and Brice who were there fishing.  Daddy took them for a ride in the boat and Brice did a little more fishing.

What a great day! Thank you, God.  :)


Yesterday we traveled to Charleston for a day of dental work. Both of the girls were admitted to the hospital for the day and had their dental work done under anesthesia.  We've never gone in for major procedures like this that I didn't take my camera.  Yesterday I forgot it and only had my cell phone for photos.

When we arrived at the hospital just before 6am both of the girls were in a great mood....laughing and being silly!

After we were checked in Nurse Eloise brought them some princess toys to play with on the bed. 

It wasn't long before Bailey was given a gown to change into since she was going to be the first patient. She was given some "Giggle Juice" and it wasn't long before they took our sleepy girl back to the OR where she would be for the next 2-3 hours.

Nurse Eloise and Brinley became quick friends after she discovered Brinley's love of  crafts. She went to the play closet and brought out glitter (LOTS of glitter), glue, sequins, feathers, google eyes, paper and sun catchers.  Brinley was in "hog heaven" with all of these goodies!


  Nurse Eloise said, "You can get it all over the bed, Brinley! Don't worry about making a mess!"  

Brinley took her advice to heart.

She loved it!


She was so proud of each of her creations! She had glitter and glue all over her pajamas, the bed, the floor, her hair, mommy, daddy and several nurses.  What a fun place to wait!

It wasn't long till Nurse Eloise brought her some Giggle Juice too.  Things slowed down a lot after that.

Time to watch about 10 minutes of Madagascar......then she was o~u~t.
Bailey was brought into recovery and Brinley was whisked away to the OR.

Bailey loved the warm blankets and snuggled up to Daddy while she was waking up.
Three hours later Brinley was brought to recovery.

Her face always swells during surgery.  She looks so tiny and helpless as we wait for her to wake up.

It isn't long before she is awake and has eaten a popsicle. 

Bailey has been awake for several hours now and is ready to rock on out......

Brinley is still sleepy and opts not to wear her spiffy new shades. 

Time to go home....and sleep some more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Littlest Valentine


School got out early on Friday because of the s*n*o*w so Bailey's valentine party didn't last as long as her teacher had planned.  She was so excited about the valentine she was working on for  mommy and daddy!  I had to promise that I wasn't looking at it as she worked on it during the party.  She is now able to eat "colors" because her behavior is improving so much!  She is one happy little girl to have M&Ms again!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy New Year!

Lilly, Ellie, Bailey, Brinley, Cate & Lily 
 These precious little girls were the reason we all gathered together last night to celebrate Chinese New Year!  We had food, music, crafts, air hockey, Wii, Playstation2, football and lots and lots of laughter and silliness! 
Next year we will have two more Chinese children joining our growing local family!  Kim's family is in the process of adopting sweet little Cai and Jan's family is in the process of adopting precious Hudson. (Pssst...see that t-shirt in the sidebar?? You can order one from AdoptionBug through that link to contribute to Hudson's adoption fund!)

 Calling China???

We did attempt to get a photo of all of the kids together.....all 18 of the ones who were there.  Not an easy task. 

Can't wait until our next get-together!  It was so much fun!  As I sit and look at these photos I am reminded of how precious our times together are and I hope that we can have more opportunities this summer to bring our families together.