Sunday, September 30, 2007

Baby Dedication..........and photos!

Bailey Shay was dedicated at church Sunday. She was such a good girl as Pastor Freeman annointed her little head.

After church we had dinner at Granny Mae and Boss' house. Yummy.....of course!

We took this opportunity to take some photos of ALL SIX of our kids! Whew! It is tough just getting them all in one picture! So, while Josh and Kristen were here we got our chance. (Kristen is still wearing her "Betty Boot" but didn't have it on for the pictures. LOL)

Of course, with this many kids, you always get a few really funny photos along with the nicely posed images!

What's wrong with Kristen?

I have had several people email and ask about Kristen. Thanks for asking about her. She has nerve damage to her foot. Brice has a huge remote control truck that he was playing with about three weeks ago here in our kitchen. The truck ran into Kristen's heel and she was in immediate pain and it turned white and then blue and purple. We put ice on it and did all of the right things. It didn't get any better. So, now she is in the air cast and we found out this week that she has now has a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy that is pretty rare but it was brought on from the accident with the remote control truck. Who would have thought a toy could be so dangerous? The doctors are sending her to physical therapy and they put her on Lyrica. Last week she was here at our house and she just wasn't herself. The medicine makes her depressed and she cries alot. Marty hugged her and she started crying and her head started twitching a bit and she moved her hand up beside her head to push her hair back and she couldn't put it back down. Scared us to death! So, now she has an appointment with a neurologist on October 9. Same day Bailey has her palate surgery. So, as soon as Bailey is out of surgery, Marty will leave and go to the doctor with Kristen.
Thank you so much to everyone who has asked about my sweet Lola. Please keep her in your prayers that all will be well.

Help HTS!

Jenny Bowen of Half The Sky is trying to secure a spot as a torch carrier in the Olympics in Beijing! She will be allowed to have 8 children with her during the run if she is chosen. Can you imagine the publicity this would bring to Half The Sky???

Please vote for Jenny and pass the word on to everyone you know! You can vote at this link.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two Months With Bailey Shay!

On July 23, we met our sweet Xin Ru. She was scared and not quite sure of who we were or what was going on.

We gave her a baby doll. When the orphanage workers left, Xin Ru bolted for the door but suddenly turned around and ran back. She grabbed up her new baby doll and made another run for it.

Two months later Bailey Shay still carries this baby doll named "Mei Mei" everywhere she goes.

She has come such a long way in these two short months. She loves all of us and gives us hugs and kisses. She sings songs for us in Chinese and does all of the little hand motions that accompany the songs. She loves green beans! She and Brinley have become better friends.
Of course, this is still a work in progress but things are so much better between these two little people than they were in the beginning. They play "shopping" and they play in their sandbox and swimming pool all day if we let them. The love the tree house and the tire swing.

We are so very blessed to be the parents of SIX awesome kids and everyday we count our blessings!


It's been quite a month. I haven't posted at all. Sorry about that, Mom!
Here are some photos from this month.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autumn Moon Festival!

Wait!!! I need to pose!!! Lilly is just too cute for words!

Lilly gives directions to the photographers.

We didn't have a local Chinese Autumn Moon Festival to attend so we had our own!

We met our friends the Bryant family at our local Chinese buffet and had such a great time! Jan made some yummy Moon Cakes for us!

What a cute bunch!!!

Brinley, Keith, Shelby, Lilly, Katie, Ethan, Fulton, Brice and Bailey

Table for 13? ;)