Monday, April 26, 2010

From Josh

Josh made this Gotcha Day video for me and gave it to me on Bailey's birthday.  I love it!  It could not be more perfect!  Thank you so very much, Joshie!   I've watched it many times and I still cry each time. You did a great job!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bailey Shay Turns SIX!

The anticipation of the big day was almost more than the girl could stand!
After all, turning 6 is a big, big deal.
 You have to use two hands to show people how old you are. 
 How cool is that???

The big day Bailey had been driving us insane inquiring about constantly for the past month finally arrived! April 24 was to be the day of her Pirate Princess Party. That's right....PIRATE PRINCESS!   No Dora or Kai Lan for this girl! No siree!  If you know her, you are nodding your head in agreement.  She actually wanted to have a Pirate Princess Tea Party.  I explained to her that she would have some boys at her party who just might not enjoy sitting down to tea with her and drinking out of her cute little Wedgewood cups. So, out of respect for her male friends she agreed that it probably would be a good idea to just go with the Pirate Princess theme.  (I know the boys are thankful for that!)
And so, we present.....

Bailey Shay's Pirate Princess Party

This band of pirates is searching for the buried treasure!
Aaaargh!  They've found a clue!
Even the smallest of pirates was not left out!
  They searched high and low!

YES! I believe Pirate Cate has found a clue!!!

It is often necessary to consult with one's Pirate Mama. :)
Pirate Ethan waits patiently to find out what is hidden in the chest! Gold, Rubies???
Pirate Ellie keeping everyone safe with her trusty sword.....and pink balloon!
At long last the treasure was unearthed!  Pirate Lilly gathered her share!
 (And this mama pirate did not get a picture of the chest when it was opened!)
Pirate Brinley with some of her loot!
Pirate Ethan is pleased with his treasure!
Pirate Sellers.  This fine pirate found clues AND caught a big fish!
Pirate Wyatt garnered his fair share!
 But I see trouble on the horizon!

A sword fight broke out in the O'Cain Crew!  Pirate Wyatt gained an upper hand and was able to defeat Pirate Mason and take his sword.  This did not fare well with Pirate Mason. He vows  there will be more sword fights in their future! (Much to the dismay of Pirate Mama Jennifer)
Pirate Lily showing off a fish in her net! (She caught FOUR fish!)
Pirate Grub

Pirate Bailey with her very own ship! Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud!

They may have had a sword fight but one thing is evident!
They agree that icing is the very best part of the cake!

Pirate Cate wearing some of her jewels
This is Pirate Shelby. :)  
She's growing up so fast.
Land lubbers.
This is the face of one very tired little pirate!
Thank you to all of our friends and family who came out to play and celebrate Bailey's birthday!
We love you all!
Fulton, Noah, Ben, Chris and Allie, we missed you!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today is my big girl's birthday. My Lola. :)  I can't believe she is 23 years old!  She had to work on her birthday. It was the first time in her life that I didn't get to give her a hug on her birthday. That made me sad.  She did come to visit a couple of days before her birthday.  I made her favorite Chicken Fettucini.
She was happy. :)

I love you, Lolee!!!  Thank you for being you!  
I can not imagine my life without that little pink bundle I received on April 24, 1987.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Ada Idell!

This is my mother-in-law Mae. She was born 80 years ago today and given the name Ada Idell. For some reason her family always called her "Mae".  It wasn't until she was a young adult that anyone even told her that her name wasn't Mae. Well, Mae...being Mae...promptly went to the courthouse, filled out some paperwork, paid some fees and had her name legally changed to Mae. Nothing more, nothing less.  Mae. No fancy middle name.  Mae.  It suits her.  :)

We haven't always seen eye to eye on things.  Possibly because I am 5'7" and she barely made it to 5' tall.  Possibly because we are simply from different generations. She did not want us to adopt from China. She loves Brinley but thought we had enough children. (Please note in the following photos that it is Miss Bailey Shay who has Granny totally wrapped around her little finger.)

One thing is for sure, we do agree on one thing.  We both love her son.....a lot.  :)  That's him over there in the camo hat.  :)  Every year our family has "sausage makin' day" the day after Thanksgiving. 

Happy 80th Birthday, Granny Mae, Ada Idell....Mae.....Mama.......   Praying you will be around many more!

P.S.  Granny Mae & Boss could use some prayers.  Boss has Alzheimer's and it's getting harder and harder to handle daily tasks for him.

Ni Hao Y'all

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meet Olivia

This is Olivia. She is 5 years old and she lives in an orphanage in China.

Olivia is a waiting child.....just like Brinley and Bailey were.  She is waiting for her family.

Olivia has two fingers on one hand and three on the other.

One of Olivia's legs is shorter than the other and she has three cute little toes on that foot.

She doesn't let this slow her down AT ALL.  She is at the top of her kindergarten class.  She is smart and determined, sweet and kind according to her reports.

Olivia needs a family.  She is listed with Lifeline. Please share her story and pray that she and the other children on this list will find their families before April 21 when their files must be returned to China.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hotdogs, Hula-Hoops, Fishing & Friends

We had a blast at the pond today with Jennifer and her kids!  The kids fished, colored, played with the hula hoop, ate hotdogs and drank LOTS of Capri Sun and water!. We all enjoyed the day so much!  
Noah caught a fish about 15 minutes after he got there.....and then caught three more!  No one else caught any!  Way to go, Noah!!!

Snake.  Yuck.

Nice shades! (Sellers borrowed his mom's shades so he could see to untangle his line.)

Of course, all good things come to an end.  Bailey was sad when her friends left. :(

Jennifer, Noah, Sellers, Lily, Wyatt and Mason, thanks so much for coming over to play!  Please come back again soon!