Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gotcha.....3 years ago!

We celebrated Brinley's gotcha day in December. Here are a few pics I took that day and the next morning.

Here is the video Josh made for us of Brinley's big day! It is amazing to think of how much she has changed. We love her to the moon and back!

Isn't She Lovely?

Brinley picked out her own clothes. Her sister seems mildly amused. She insists that she looks fabulous in this darling ensemble. I think she is just about as cute as can be. Watch out Kimora! There's a new fashion diva on the horizon!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here in the south we are just not used to dealing with cold weather. It was COLD last night. Well, cold by our standards anyway. (Not bone chilling cold like they had in Time's Square! -10 wind chill. brrrrrrrrr!)

We had a blast with our friends last night! We only stayed a couple of hours but it was a great time. We were all outside eating chili and chicken bog and all sorts of yummy snacks. The boys were shooting fireworks and there were several large roaring fires to keep us all warm.

We came back home and watched the count down on tv. Well, some of us did.......and one of us fell asleep 8 minutes before midnight. It wasn't me. It wasn't B-Man. The girls were sound asleep in their beds. It was hubby. He didn't seem to mind missing it and the first kiss of the new year at 12:20 am was just fine with me. :)

Lola showing me her cute new shoes.

Cold babies.

I love these 3 sweet girls sooooo much! They make my mama heart so happy!

Close up. REALLY close up.

B-man watching a movie on his PSP with his little sisters.

Lo with her future mother-in-law. They were singing and dancing.

I was cold. Really cold.

Daddy & his girls.

Happy New Year everyone!