Friday, October 27, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

Keith turns 13!!!

Over the weekend we had Keith's birthday blowout bash! He turned 13!
His friends Will, Nick and Patrick came home with him after school. They stayed in our camper Friday night out in the yard.
They played football out in the front yard for hours and hours!!!

Daddy gets in some game time after work!

The "other" team. Cute, huh??? That's Brice and our neighbors Gabe and Seth!

Well, you just have to know Nick to appreciate these fine photos of him!

.............and Keith too!

Later that night after a taco feast we watched "XMen 2" on the big screen out on the deck.

Of course Daddy, Josh and Lola decided to go out and scare them in the camper. Didn't work. They knew it was coming and were prepared! The next day Keith's mom Maria and stepdad Rich brought over pizza and cake and ice cream!

These guys are just too funny!

Our pool developed a leak in it at the end of summer. We haven't put any more water in it in hopes of finding the leak. The remaining water is cold and pretty yucky. How could the boys resist this fine mess?!?!?!

Nick goes in first!

There goes Keith!

Will is in, too!

There goes Patrick!

You knew someone was going to get wet didn't you???

The biggest kid of all!

The spectators scatter!

I think the big kid with the water hose won this round!