Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They Need Families!

Posting this again because Ruby truly needs a family.  I've posted it a couple of times on FaceBook.  Maybe a blog reader will see it and recognize the face of their child.  Ruby is so full of love and life.  Just think of how much more she will sparkle if someone will just say yes and bring her home.

"Olivia" still does not have a family. I "had a feeling" that I'd been given incorrect information about her having a family. Through a friend I found out that "Olivia" is still on the waiting list with more than 1900 other children just waiting for someone to say "yes, you are my child." She is on WACAP's list if you would like to request her file.  It truly breaks my heart that neither of these sweet little girls has a family yet. I have prayed and prayed for Olivia's family to find her. I know that God will answer the prayers of the many people who pray daily for her.

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